How to Play

The first and most important thing  is to have fun!

Unlike traditional soccer, rules in bubble soccer are minimal. With most of your body confined to a bubble, you will be too busy laughing to play dirty so who needs a lot of rules?  Here are few things to know about how to play!
Goalies are fair game for bumping
Teams may play with a pulled goalie as often and as long as they wish
After each goal, the teams go to their own side and the ref will put the ball in the centre, when the whistle blows players are then able to charge for the ball.
No bumping after the ref blows the whistle
No bumping players against walls
The ref will be in charge of keeping the ball in play, since there are no throw-ins.

See, not many rules. However there are some safety precautions to consider.

Children (8-11yrs)
Children must be a minimum of 4 feet tall and be less than 120lbs to play in the kids division.

Teenage (12-15yrs)
Teenage group must be a minimum of 5 feet tall and be less than 200lbs.

Adult (15+yrs)
Women must be a minimum of 5 feet tall and be less than 200 lbs.

Men must be a minimum of 5’5” tall and be less than 260lbs.

Please remember:

Please no belts, cleats, or jewellery
Keep hair up to ensure your hair does not get caught between the bubble and the floor
No kicking players or bubbles
No eye glasses
Feel free to wear knee pads, as you will have to use your knees to get up…A LOT!
Helmets are also permitted if you so desire, no sharp edges and it must be secured to your head at all times while playing