Does Bubble Soccer Ottawa do birthday parties, corporate events, team building, fundraisers, school functions, etc.?                            

Yes!  Bubble Soccer Ottawa does special events, and will accommodate all types of private parties whether it’s a work function or just some friends who want a private game. The best part is you don’t have to do anything but book your event – we are a turn key service that provides all the equipment and the staff. Contact us to discuss your event.

Can I get hurt?
The odds of someone getting hurt are much lower than in traditional soccer, because the bubbles cover the majority of your body. We do encourage using knee pads as you will have to use your knees to get up off the floor once you stop laughing.

How much does a bubble weigh?
Each bubble weighs between 17 – 22lbs depending on which category you are in: childrens, womens or mens.

Is the bubble clean?
Yes! We are sticklers for hygiene,so the bubbles are cleaned after each use.

What if I need help getting up?
The referee is there for that purpose, as well as to enforce the few rules bubble soccer has.

How many players are on my team?
The game is 5 on 5 (including goalies) with 5 spares on each team that alternate every few minutes. Bubble soccer is such a workout, you will be grateful to have a little break every once in a while.

Can I have a private game for an event?
Definitely!  We require a minimum of 10 players for each event.